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Letters (10-13-14)

The problem of federal review of state laws

A single federal judge (or a single panel of them), even though he has not been elected by the people of North Carolina or appointed by our representatives, and even if his appointment was opposed by our senators or made by a president who was not elected by us, nonetheless has the power to, via the process of judicial review, rule upon the constitutionality of our laws, and to declare them null and void if he (rightly or on account of his own ideological biases) finds them in violation of the Constitution. Moreover, there is no lawful means of redress or remedy for us in such cases as we cannot remove federal judges via the electoral process or via impeachment, unlike our own state judges. So it is that the will of the people can be cast down as illegitimate on account of the opinions of a handful of judges.

Such an arrangement is incompatible with liberty, and all people, regardless of party, should seek to see it come to an end. We are not self-governing or democratic if federal judges may strike down our state’s laws — indeed, we are no longer a state, but merely a province, devoid of any sovereignty or autonomy except that which is left to us by the federal government for its own convenience. As federal judges are not accountable to the states or their citizens, they should not be allowed to review state laws, and we should do whatever is necessary to see that this becomes the case, even if (as would be the case) it requires amending the constitution. Otherwise the states will be left as they are: mere provinces of the central power in Washington, subject and beholden to it in every way and stripped of their proper dignity and sovereignty.

— Tom Hervey


The demon of abuse

Domestic violence is simply cruelty by physical abuse. Women and children are mostly the victims, with alcohol and drugs getting the blame. There is a third kind of physical abuse that mankind overlooks because they do not want to believe the truth. It is demon possession where the demon enters into an individual’s body to take control of a person’s mind and behavior. This is not hearsay, I speak from facts of a real life experience. The marriage ended in divorce; then later on at my husband’s funeral, the pastors told family members the deceased did indeed have a demon in the body prior to his death.

All kinds of excuses are given for not leaving an abuser, but the usual one is that the victim loves that person. As Tina Turner sings, “what’s love got to do with it?” What does love have to do with it when there is a risk that you or your children could be beaten to death by the abuser?

Psychiatrists can’t cast demons out of people like Jesus did when he walked upon the Earth. Counseling, shock treatments and medications will not stop domestic violence or abuse. The only protection from demon possession is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and be truly saved.

A wife was created to be a man’s help, a companion, to stand by his side as equal, and to be loved and protected by him.

— Ellie Mae Lambert


Vote for better schools

As a former teacher’s assistant with the North Carolina School for the Hearing Impaired, I know firsthand the importance of a quality education for our children.

I also realize the need to have highly qualified individuals as members of our Rowan-Salisbury school board. With many of the questionable and controversial decisions recently made by our school board and the lack of transparency in their decision making, now may be the time to make a change at the polls.

Rowan County can be extremely proud to have a number of highly qualified and very concerned candidates willing to serve to help make our school system the best it can be. New candidates this year include a youth minister, an experienced law enforcement officer and constitutional law instructor at RCCC, and a retired educator and former director of technology for the school system.

I strongly urge all concerned parents and citizens to become familiar with the issues and candidates. I hope you will join me in casting your votes for the Rev. Dean Hunter, Chief Deputy Travis Allen and educator Phil Hardin.

Please vote and vote for a needed change for the future of our children. Our children deserve the best leadership we can provide. I hope and pray you agree.

— J.H. Smith


Miller for commission

Hopefully the upcoming election will see a high turnout by Rowan County voters. The only way to establish continued improvement in Rowan County, in terms of economic growth and educational improvement, is for the people to assert their will via voting.

With this in mind I suggest that we strongly consider voting for Mr. Gene Miller for county commissioner. Gene has a unique combination of experiences — business and public education — that will assist him in making decisions that will be beneficial to Rowan County. As mentioned by Mr. Bill Bucher in an earlier letter of support, Gene has served as a leader in numerous school systems, including Rowan-Salisbury and has experience in the banking world. In all of these positions he demonstrated strength, decisiveness and honesty.

More importantly perhaps is the type of person Gene exemplifies. He possesses the rare personal characteristics of character, competence and courage that will serve us well.

Please join me in voting for Gene Miller for Rowan County commissioner.

— Howard Hurt


Vote with care

There are two things voters need to be very aware of in the election for county commissioner in November.

First, there are only two candidates who have endorsed the purchase of the mall — Greg Edds and Chris Cohen. Only one of them appears in many of the Tea Party videos out there on the Internet — Greg Edds. One of first appointments the commissioners made after the last election was the new chairman of the airport board to replace Craig Pierce — Greg Edds. This was done to ensure the pet projects at the airport continue.

These things might give you some pause before you cast your ballot unless you want things to continue as they are now. Think who the new chairman might be.

Second, there are no do-overs. There will be no runoff. The top three vote getters will be elected. For this reason you need to be certain you are voting for the top three candidates for the job. Commissioners cannot create jobs but they can create an atmosphere to attract new businesses and jobs that follow.

— Ralph Walton


Want real change?

Citizens of Rowan County, if you want change vote for Gene Miller. He is running as an unaffiliated candidate for county Commissioner. Gene has supported our schools for years. Gene was responsible for the renovation and construction of more schools in the history of Rowan County. Teachers, do you know who controls your funds? Gene is more than qualified. Vote for Change. Vote for Gene Miller. I support Gene Miller.

— Martha Bostian


Rogers for judge

As election day 2014 nears many folks are diligently working to inform themselves about the race at the top of the ballot, and while who we choose for U.S. senator will have a large impact on our state and our nation, the lives of individual citizens of Cabarrus County will be most dramatically affected by positions further down the ballot, positions many citizens vote on without the careful preparation given to selecting a senator or congressman.

One of these positions is that of senior resident Superior Court judge, a position with considerable authority and substantial impact on how effectively and efficiently the district court in Cabarrus County functions. This judge has extensive powers of appointment, including filling vacancies in the Clerk’s Office, appointment of magistrates, removal for misconduct or incapacity of the Clerk of Court, and similarly of the District Attorney, prelitigation mediation of insurance claims, deciding proper venue for estate claims, and appointment of a mediator to settle funding disputes between county commissions and school boards that can’t come to agreement, among many others. For such a position we would want someone with a wealth of legal experience, life experience and solid good judgment. Bill Rogers is such a person.

I have known and worked with Bill Rogers for over 20 years. He has many times represented both me and my firm in all manner of disputes. I have always been impressed by the thoroughness of his preparation, his understanding of the legal issues involved, and by his instinctive fairness.

I admire Bill’s fairness and common sense approach to solving life’s inevitable conflicts just as much as his considerable legal ability. For this reason I will be voting for Bill Rogers for N.C. Superior Court Judge, and why I would encourage you to vote for him, too.

— Frank A. “Alex” Rankin III


The judicial choice

I am writing in regards to our upcoming Cabarrus County Election for judge (resident Superior Court judge, to be specific). I support Bill Rogers for this judgeship because I have great confidence in his character.

I do not take my support of elected officials lightly. This is our opportunity as citizens to shape our local society. I came to know Bill Rogers many years ago as an attorney and as a man. Bill is exactly what we need as a judge! He has served our county as an officer of the court for many years. His honesty and integrity are the benchmark of his character and his caring for his fellow man shines through. His nature as a fellow of Cabarrus County (neighbor) is to make our county a better place to live, and as a judge Bill can do that.

Yes, I do know it is normally difficult for us as voters to be informed on judicial elections.

But now is our chance to make a difference. I would encourage all voters as you go into the election booth — look for Bill Rogers on the ballot and vote Bill Rogers for “our Cabarrus County — Resident Superior Court Judge.”

I ask you to mark your calendars now, for Nov. 4th! We must exercise our constitutional right to vote.

— J.A. Fisher




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