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Letter: Go outside, take a break from politics, Fox News

I made the mistake of reading the letter published by Randy Biggerstaff in the Post Sunday (“As a conservative, what it’s all about”). If there is ever an argument against the Republican vote, or party or whatever they claim is their ideology these days, that was it.

Plain and simple, Republicans are weird. You won’t catch a Democrat or an independent in the street with a megaphone calling out that, if you don’t vote Republican, you’ll go to hell. You won’t find a Democrat calling the Republican party “evil.” I don’t remember any Democrats being upset that Republicans weren’t more animated during a State of the Union or pearl clutching about a copy of a speech being ripped up.

You’ll never hear a Democrat call another presidents policy an “evil agenda,” because it’s the agenda of the people who voted for them. You’d never see one label the entire Republican party as “socialist,” although with the authoritarianism on the right, I suppose it would be “fascist.”

My favorite quote from Biggerstaff’s letter called the other side a: “gaggle of swamp-dwelling socialists vowing to overthrow a duly elected president and 63 million supporters.” Impeachment is not a coup d’état, Democrats are not radical, evil, godless child murderers; they are duly elected officials, just the same as Republican politicians.

My personal advice: take a break from politics, especially Fox News. Go outside, talk to your neighbors, your friends, shoot the breeze and don’t give in to outrage culture.

There will be another president, another election, but comments about your friends and neighbors being “evil” aren’t going to go away after November.

Justin Tipton