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Legislators: County’s priority projects ‘out the door’ …

Lower income people cannot afford daily living expenses and insurance. Either way they go is hardship. Are you not responsible to see your constituents are able to live and reach for the American dream?

— George W. Benson

There are plenty of funds available to pay for Medicaid expansion. If Sen. Carl Ford and his cronies would stop trying to choke off government by restricting tax revenues in completely unnecessary ways, expansion is paid for, and then some.

— Rob Faggart

Letter: Trump used power properly, didn’t abuse it

Has there ever been a conspiracy theory that the Trumper community has not bought into?

— Eric Marsh

… Candidates talk future of space at West End Plaza

Remember, this is the same Craig Pierce who said county residents needed to shut up and let him make the decisions, the same one who came down from the dais at a county commissioner’s meeting and ripped into local educators for standing up for their professions and the same commissioner who has made negative comments about women voters. Yet, he is now portraying himself as an integral part of this atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration on the board?

— Eric Shock

Recreation centers keep legacy of Evans, Miller, Hall alive

Fred Evans was the real deal. A great man and mentor.

— David Ramsey

My Turn: Alexander’s, Post’s arguments on designation …

Clearly, the motivation was for the 50% tax break that the local taxpayer must now pay.

That ordinance needs to be amended. It is unfair to taxpayers and is likely to be applied discriminatorily. Otherwise, almost every house in Salisbury will qualify.

—David Post

Ask us: What happens if RSS student damages …

You have that much money to lose but want everyone to help with school supplies. Sounds like that money could be reallocated and used practically instead of being “lost/stolen.” Poorly managed program along with the school system itself.

— Mark Cantrell

… Legislators say they want to be proactive with job growth

I can appreciate the thoughts and efforts of our state level representatives.

As we all know, the term “proactive” has been thrown around for many years. The term has often been used but the user didn’t have a clue as to what it really meant to be totally driven by the term.

— Danny Patterson

RSS keeps valedictorian and salutatorian …

The current designations affect a small handful of high-achieving students who are already college-bound successes.

Wouldn’t the board’s focus now be better directed towards lifting up students who are not meeting academic expectations?

— Jeff Morris



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