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Greg Edds: Recommit to respect, common decency in Rowan County

By Greg Edds Last week we all watched in disbelief as a Minneapolis police officer callously took the life of Minnesota resident George Floyd. Our ... Read more

9 hours ago by Post Opinion.

Charles Jeter: Still a Republican, no longer believe in president

By Charles Jeter Gone, baby, gone. Did Trump lose me or did I lose Trump? It’s almost a Dickensian question of conscience in today’s political ... Read more

2 days ago by Post Opinion.

Cal Thomas: Unusual conversation between radio hosts

By Cal Thomas Which of the following would you consider the most unusual and least likely to occur? 1) President Trump calls Speaker Nancy Pelosi ... Read more

2 days ago by Post Opinion.

Lynn Moody: We are strong together

By Lynn Moody Recent events have brought to light the intolerance that sadly continues to exist in our country.  The Rowan-Salisbury School System remains strong ... Read more

2 days ago by Post Opinion.

Mitch Kokai: Legislative session should feature a lot of ‘no’

By Mitch Kokai The majority leader in North Carolina’s state Senate offered his colleagues good advice for this year’s legislative session. “We’re going to have to say ... Read more

3 days ago by Post Letters.

My turn, Susan Lee: Public safety not effectively addressed by delaying response

By Susan Lee I respond in appreciation to those who spoke regarding “Fame” at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, to Mayor Pro Tem Heggins for advising ... Read more

3 days ago by Post Opinion.

My turn, Kendal Mobley: Those who benefit from white privilege must move beyond words

By Kendal Mobley George Floyd was born a citizen of the United States. He should have been protected by his Fourth Amendment right to be ... Read more

4 days ago by Post Opinion.

Sharon Randall: Still fighting to ensure freedoms

By Sharon Randall If Norman Rockwell could’ve painted this day, he might’ve called it: “An Average American Family in the Age of COVID-19 in Desperate ... Read more

5 days ago by Post Opinion.

Leonard Pitts: Floyd’s death raises an old question

By Leonard Pitts “I know you’re asking today, how long will it take?” Thus spake Martin Luther King Jr. at the end of the Selma ... Read more

7 days ago by Leonard Pitts.

Cal Thomas: Can Biden defend his disturbing pattern?

By Cal Thomas Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told an African American talk show host last week: “If you have a problem figuring out ... Read more

7 days ago by Post Opinion.

My turn, Larry Efird: Why we all should love class of 2020

By Larry Efird As I gaze over a sleepy campus without another soul in sight on this late Memorial Day afternoon, there’s almost a holy ... Read more

7 days ago by Post Opinion.

Whitey Harwood: Things aren’t funny anymore

By Whitey Harwood This story is not about being 6 feet apart, staying at home or Donald Trump, but it is about presidents. Last spring, ... Read more

7 days ago by Post Opinion.

Byron York: Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in wild Alabama Senate race

By Byron York Jeff Sessions is in a surreal place. He spent 20 years as a senator from Alabama, followed by 21 months as U.S. ... Read more

1 week ago by Post Opinion.

Yadkin Riverkeeper: Buy local, support small farms during the pandemic

By Brian Fannon If trips to the supermarket are stressing you out these days, consider that your next food run could take you to a ... Read more

1 week ago by Post Opinion.

Guest column: Make Google, Facebook pay for news just like you

By Dean Ridings If you are a newspaper subscriber or you pick up a copy at a local retailer, you pay for the news and ... Read more

1 week ago by Post Opinion.

John Hood: Go-slow reopening may be costly

By John Hood RALEIGH — Over the first two months of the coronavirus crisis, our labor-market cratered. The number of employed North Carolinians dropped by ... Read more

1 week ago by Post Opinion.

Josh Bergeron: Salute to the service of essential workers, businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdowns it has caused should bring an increased appreciation for businesses and people that are often taken for granted. Without ... Read more

1 week ago by Josh Bergeron.

Ada Fisher: Trump still has my vote in 2020

By Ada Fisher As a black Republican of over 52 years, President Donald Trump has my vote not because of party loyalty but because of ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Ada Fisher.

Sharon Randall: Finding places to hide

By Sharon Randall Do you recall the first time you climbed a tree? How old were you? How did you feel? Scared? Proud? Happy? Free? ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

Josh Bergeron: Personal suspicions proved wrong by COVID-19 test

I’m probably not alone in being somewhat disappointed that my COVID-19 test results came back negative. On Friday, May 15, I was tested for COVID-19 ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Josh Bergeron.

Cal Thomas: ‘Snake oil’ cures don’t usually pan out

By Cal Thomas On Monday, in an off-the-cuff comment following a White House meeting with restaurant industry leaders, President Trump revealed that he has been ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Thomas.

My turn, Le’Andre Blakeney: Public transportation should be more equitable

By Le’Andre Blakeney Anyone in Rowan County who needs to ride the bus should have that right. They should able to use the bus as ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

Leonard Pitts: A reminder of how much it took

Oh beautiful, for heroes proved, in liberating strife Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life. — “America The Beautiful,” by ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Leonard Pitts.

John Hood: We can’t keep our schools closed

By John Hood RALEIGH — Our elementary and secondary schools will reopen this fall. During these past months of disruption, dismay, and despair, I have ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

My Turn, Jean McCoy: Method of dealing with loss makes difference

By Jean McCoy The worst year of my life was 2019. Why do I say that? • In January 2019, my 94-year-old father died. • ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

Clyde: Avoid the crowds; what’s the hurry?

By Clyde What’s the hurry? The words just don’t seem to work anymore. Hurry-up is not the same recently and hurry on down used to ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

Sharon Randall: Happy mistake while using new gadget

By Sharon Randall Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. I should know. I am wrong a lot. Ask my husband. He loves to correct me. ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Post Opinion.

David Freeze: Huge hay crop showcases teens’ strong work ethic

Rowan and surrounding areas have been busy with a bumper spring hay crop for the last two weeks. Hay-making equipment has been running at a ... Read more

3 weeks ago by David Freeze.

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